You’d be amazed how a few dollars can make all the difference in helping someone stay in their homes and avoid homelessness. Today’s new solutions, like rapid rehousing and permanent supportive housing are a good investment, too. Cities and towns are finding that focusing on rehousing, rather than considering a shelter the only option, are actually saving taxpayers’ dollars. Read about Million-Dollar Murray.

Your generous donation can do so much good. We use your funds to:

  • Create increased affordable housing options designed to prevent families from losing their housing, make shelter stays brief, and return homeless people to safe, stable living situations.
  • Fund a free, statewide referral service that quickly connects homeless people to help that’s suited to their situation.
  • Maintain a statewide database, so all service providers have immediate access to the same information about a homeless person’s needs.
  • Provide one-time assistance to households facing eviction due to a short-term emergency.
  • Raise public awareness about homelessness, and proven solutions that most effectively and efficiently rehouse homeless people.

Donate by Check

Prefer to write a check? Please make your check out to Middlesex United Way. (This is the fiduciary which simply processes your donations. All funds pass directly to the Coalition on Housing and Homelessness.)

Mail your check payable to Middlesex United Way/CHH to:
100 Riverview Center, Suite 230, Middletown, CT 06457